Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 App Reviews

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Not great🤫

It’s not working because I don’t know how to do it but function to get the Full version of the app

Not satisfied

Why do u make us pay for everything there is no point just make everything free that would make it better. The graphics are pretty cool but u mess it up with paying for everything.😡😡😡😡

How to Unlock the last Recipe

I payed for the master chef pack and it was amazing! But one thing is missing that is the important thing of the pack is the last recipe that has like all of the food at once! Is this a bug or do I have to unlock it by making all food for these animal customers. Because I have no idea. Please reply to this because I been searching everything on how to unlock but nothing! So tell me what to do please. Other than that this game is amazing and I got my master chef pack on my birthday and I think this is brilliant.


Awesome cooking


First off the graphics on this game are not that good i expect more from dr.panda this is just sad. I have bought there games in the past because of the graphics. Also I would love if a app could be upfront about its price instead of this stupid in app purchases thing. I was so excited when I saw that they came out with a cook 3 game because I was so pleased when I bought the 2nd one, but $5 for this game is stupid.


This stupid game has this really stupid monkey that my sister doesn't always want serve so it is not the best game for those who like this game




My daughter and I have long awaited for another one of Dr. Panda’s games. To our surprise, there was another Dr. Panda restaurant game, for free! I let my daughter play with it for a little bit, and then she instantly got sad. She noticed that to play with the full game we have to pay $5. She begged and begged but I had to set ground rules. I can’t pay for another game that my daughter wants to play. I feel so bad because my daughter has no choice but to play un-educational games now because they are free. Education should have no dollar signs.

If I’m gonna pay, your game better slay

If I’m gonna pay, yeah Your game better slay, yeah This ish ain’t okay You need to throw this crap away I ain’t gonna spend my money If your game ain’t my honey This ain’t even funny Why you tryna take my money If I’m gonna pay Your game better slay I don’t know how to say it any other way OKAYYYYYY?????

My brother will love it (please read)

My bro I think he'll love this game because he likes the other Dr. panda games so he might like it and I might to he's a 5 year old boy so he might like it but I don't know if i will becomes I'm a tween but Good game

Why is this rated ages 9-11??

Someone tell meh pls!!!

There is nothing to do. Son bored

I downloaded this app for my 8 year old son. 20 minutes later he is begging me to buy 5$ dollars worth of food and other items. I later found him bored on the floor tapping on his iPad saying "UHHH, WHY IS IT FROZENNNN??????!!!!" I later realized this is a waste of my time and money. I really wish I did not download this app and buy stupid items that I don't know what they do. Love, Clair❤️ By the way, this is my daughters review account.

Dr.panda lover

I love dr.panda it’s the best games I played ever like tabtale the worst




I like the graphics.

Tons to do 


Educational for pre school aged kids 

Plenty of opportunities to learn all about cooking - you won't regret adding this to your app library...

Educational for pre school aged kids 

Plenty of opportunities to learn all about cooking - you won't regret adding this to your app library...

Amazingggg omg ✌️

Really cool i love it

i PLAY it more than my children

Call me a big kid!

Our kids have all the panda apps 

and this one is the best one they've released to date!

My weekends are saved

I was so bored last weekend but Now I've got this game so I'm all good!

im already a master chef

I levelled up in no time at all!

ice cream is my favorite 

please add ice cream because then I can eat it and make it in the app at the same time.

my favorite is the peppers


cook until you drop! 

then get back up and cook again because this game is really good

Again with the free, but not pay-to-play 👎🏻

For the love of god, this is a children’s game! Stop introducing in-app purchases to my children! They don’t need to be introduced to this so called “get” (aka: free to play), but not really free, toxic environment that plagues the App Store! Remove the in-app purchases or offer a second Premium app that’s pay one price up front to play forever. Good lord, how hard is that to do? For $4.99, I’ll expect way more content in this game than your previous games that were priced way less at launch. There is way more content right?


This is so sweet if you haven't downloaded it, do so it costs nothing on iOS and it's super cute. My nephew adores it.

Yes its great

Thanks Dr. Panda Team!

Brilliant for introducing kids to cooking

I highly recommend this for other parents who want to introduce their kids to cooking, it's sort of like a stepping stone to the really thing and could be useful as a learning support tool.

Highly recommend it

10/10 from me and the fam

Not good.

It is horrible because you have to pay more money to pay to basically do anything on the game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.

Come on !!!!

You can only make two recipes unless you pay for it 🤬😤😡🤬🤬

Nice one for your iPad

Added to my collection :)

Fantastic for preschoolers!

To learn ingredients, cooking utensils - so cute, harmless and fun!

Hilarious! Kids love this one

Oh the animations! Oh they're so funny!

Not good.

I’be been severely let down by this game. Out of all of the Dr. Panda restaurant games, this one is my least favorite. I’d be willing to pay $5, but the game does not seem like it’s worth it. The graphics and cooking mechanics are of a much poorer quality than the other games. The graphics seem like something a person using a 3D modeling program for the first time would make. I don’t want to come off as rude, but I don’t know how else to express how poor the graphics are compared to past games. For the cooking mechanics, nothing significantly new has been created besides the grill. I’m extremely disappointed.

Gamer2.3 🌼🌹

This is the best game ever! I am only 5 and I love it!


I have seen some of your games in the past that say free but there really not if you want to get the full experience.Heres the question why couldn't you just instead of making the game "free" just make it cost $2.99!On your second restaurant cooking game it was like this but it cost money to buy the game.You guys act like you care about the kids but your pretty much scamming the parents.Maybe you can fix this in the future but I'm not downloading any of these apps for my little sister.

Thank you for finally bringing this to our ipads! 

I've been watching the trailer and psyched for this - thanks a bunch :D

You got a fan in me :D

I'll always download your apps Dr. Panda


You have all my fav ingredients in this game

Yayyy I love it

I'm going to be recommending this to all my friends it's wonderful

Best Dr. Panda app out there!

Never played Dr Panda before but now I'm getting all your apps

I'ma b the best chef everrr

I'm already levelling up so I must be good.

So much fun! 

And so much to do I'm gonna play this app all the time.


I like the game and all but you can only cook one dish and you have to buy the the rest with 5 dollars 💵 so I rate this two stars the least you can do is add a few more free dishes

Rip off!!

This game has beautiful graphics but the fact that it is downloaded for "free" and then you have to pay $5 for the full experience is completely unfair. As an educator who uses her own IPad and money to get apps to work with special needs preschoolers, I feel especially taken advantage of by app developers who engage in this type of bait and switch.

$5 ??????

My child loves these games and I use my money to pay for it And it was free and I was happy so I let her get it and I was washing the dishes and I see want the full experience for $5 just make us pay $5 already then give us the full experience

Could’ve been great

You have to pay to unlock everything. The graphics are cute and the gameplay is better than most cooking games in the store.

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